New California EV Charging Rebates in San Diego, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties

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Over the next decade, all of us will see transportation undergo a dramatic shift. Electric cars will transport people, electric bikes will zip along roads and paths, electric buses will take kids to school and commuters to work, electric freight trucks will deliver your Amazon packages and goods, and electric planes and ships will span the globe.

Today, even with all the Tesla and Rivian hype, if you asked the average Joe walking down the street if they think gas cars will ever be replaced by electric cars, you’re likely to receive a blank stare or a “not in my lifetime” response. But for those of us who have been paying attention to public policy, emerging technologies, and the electric transportation industry, it’s clear what’s happening.

Which brings us to EV charging and all the rebate programs flooding the market for new charging stations. As we know, floods eventually dry up, which means now is the time to take advantage of these dollars, whether you manage an apartment or hotel, oversee a place of worship, or own a business and want a COVID-proof revenue stream.


California CALeVIP Projects

ProjectEligible CountiesBase Rebate per ConnectorMaximum Rebate per Connector
San Diego County Incentive Project*San Diego$4,500$6,000
Sonoma Coast Incentive ProjectSonoma, Mendocino$5,000$7,500
Central Coast Incentive ProjectMonterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz$5,000$6,500
Peninsula-Silicon Valley Incentive Project*San Mateo, Santa Clara$4,500$6,000
Sacramento County Incentive ProjectSacramento$5,000$6,500
Northern California Incentive ProjectHumboldt, Shasta, Tehama$6,000$7,500
San Joaquin Valley Incentive ProjectFresno, Kern, San Joaquin$3,500$5,000


*Funding for Peninsula-Silicon Valley Incentive Project covers 75% of full project costs, or maximum eligible rebate amount, whichever is less

The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) is providing funding up to $7,500 per installed electric vehicle (EV) charging station at qualifying multi-family and commercial properties. Funded by the California Energy Commission, this statewide effort aims to provide a streamlined process to increase charging infrastructure and fill the significant gaps in charging availability. CALeVIP works to provide drivers of plug-in electric vehicles with convenient access to chargers and strives to encourage more Californians to purchase EVs.

In many cases, CALeVIP rebates can cover all EV charging project costs, especially when you choose EVmatch – the most affordable charging solution on the market.

Right now, properties in 14 California counties can apply for funding. This fall, the rebate application for San Diego County will open, and a San Mateo and Santa Clara programs are slated for this winter.

Contact us HERE when you’re ready so we can help you install new charging stations for little to no cost! We’ll even take care of the CALeVIP rebate application process and cover initial costs so you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

Not in California? Take a look at Plugstar to see if there are EV charging incentives in your area.


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