EV Standouts at the 2021 LA Auto Show

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Edison Futer EF1-T electric pickup truck
Photo courtesy of dot.LA
Below is an overview of the November 2021 LA auto show, where electric vehicles (EVs) stole the spotlight!

Most of us on the team at EVmatch are EV drivers, and we all are EV enthusiasts! 

When we aren’t working on our mission to accelerate EV adoption by making charging easy, reliable, and accessible to all, you might find us sharing photos of cool and unique EVs we encounter in our day-to-day lives with one other on our Slack channel.

Personally, I have been an EV driver for nearly a decade, and am the proud owner of a 2012 second generation Toyota RAV-4 EV, a trusty car that has been with me through many life experiences and of which fewer than 2,500 were produced (this makes me feel especially cool). It’s an awesome conversation starter, as well as the chariot that transports me and my family to work, school, playdates, and everything in between.

All of this is a long-winded way to say that we love EVs and are excited to learn about new innovations in the industry whenever they come about. That’s why we were excited to learn about the electric vehicles introduced at last month’s LA Auto Show. Although EVmatch staff were unable to attend the event in person this year, many on our team were following the event closely, and wanted to share some things that stood out:

Mullen Automotive

Southern California-based Mullen Automotive introduced their first vehicle at this year’s show. The Mullen FIVE crossover SUV is FAST – with a max speed of up to 200 mph – and will be available in mid-2024. What’s equally exciting for us is the company’s efforts to develop a line of electric fleet vans. As our founder and CEO, Heather Hochrein, discussed in a recent post about our experience at the Green Transportation Expo and Summit, we believe that the electrification of commercial vehicles and the transition to clean fleets can have significant positive impacts on communities globally, and are encouraged to see any efforts to promote this transition.

Edison Future

New electric SUV
Photo courtesy of dot.LA

This Anaheim, CA-based company showcased their EF1-T electric pickup truck and the EF1-V electric delivery van at this year’s show. In addition to being fueled electrically, these dynamic vehicles are also solar-powered and boast distance ranges of up to 450 miles. We are very excited to see what this company does next.


2022 Subaru Electric Vehicle
Photo courtesy of

Yes, THAT Subaru. The Japanese company, a longtime favorite of adventurers and outdoors-people alike, has at long last come out with their first-ever pure electric vehicle, and for that reason, they deserve a spot on this list. The company markets the Solterra as a practical option in line with their fleet of classic crossover vehicles, with a platform developed in collaboration with Toyota. This highly-anticipated offering will go on sale in 2022.


Kia Concept EV9
Photo courtesy of

Meet the Concept EV9. With the impressive EV6 already selling internationally, the Korean company is upping the stakes with the bigger, bolder, geometrically inspired EV9. Like the Edison EF1 series, the EV9 has a solar panel, as well as a third row for large groups and families, and an interior comprised of sustainable materials, including vegan leather and recycled fishing nets! The cool quotient on this concept is through the (extremely futuristic looking) roof!

Hyundai, Fisker, VinFast, and Porsche were among other companies that presented impressive vehicles at a range of price points.

Overall, it is so encouraging to see the rapidly-increasing range of electric vehicles coming to the market to suit many lifestyles, needs, and budgets, and we’ll keep you updated on what’s coming next.

What concept EV are you most excited about?

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